Alexander Chekmenev (b. 1969) — documentary photographer. Lives and works in Kyiv. In 1988, started working in the Luhansk photo studio. Participant in personal and group exhibitions in Germany, USA, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, South Korea and other countries. Award winner, including the Vevey European Photo Competition (Switzerland, 2000) and the Grand Prix of the National Photographic Competition “Photographer of the Year” (Kyiv, 2013). Chekmenev’s works were published in various editions, including New York Times Lens, The New Yorker Photo Booth, MSNBC, Quartz, and The Guardian. The author has long documented the lives of people on the streets, the everyday life of ambulance workers, the life of the Donbas miners and other series, which eventually became a unique document of the outgoing epoch. His photographs feature a special insider's view on the lives of people from vulnerable social strata. From 1994 to 1995 Chekmenev accompanied the resuscitation ambulance crew on the calls. Besides capturing pain and death in his photographs, the artist also documented the signs of place and time, that have already passed.


Curators Max Gorbatskyi & Viktoria Bavykina
Date June 2022
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