Emine Ziyatdinova (b. 1987) is Ukrainian documentary photographer based in London, UK. She was born in Uzbekistan, where her family was deported from Crimea in 1944 by the Stalin regime. Growing up as a part of the Crimean Tatar minority in post-Soviet Ukraine, she received a firsthand understanding of the various human rights issues that arose with ethnic minorities and from the collapse of the economic and political system in her own country. The desire to advocate for people who are often unable to voice their concerns brought her to the career paths of sociology and documentary photography. Her experience places her at the intersection of documentary photography, human rights, and journalism. She holds a MA degree in sociology from Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and a MA degree in photojournalism from Ohio University's School of Visual Communication. Her personal work has been supported by a Fulbright Scholarship and a Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund Fellowship, among others.


Curators Max Gorbatskyi & Viktoria Bavykina
Date June 2022
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