Viacheslav Poliakov (b. 1985) is a Ukrainian visual artist, photographer, and graphic designer.

Obtained a master’s degree in Art Education from Herson State University, mixing traditional ink drawings with 3D graphics. Since then, he has worked as a designer in various areas: graphic, motion, interaction. Never in art or education.

After university, Viacheslav joined a community group around the "Totem" cultural centre and got influenced by such artists as Stas Volyazlovskiy, Slava Mashnitskiy, Max Afanasiev. In 2012 he focused on photography and moved to Lviv, where he met Elena Subach, and they started to work as an artistic duo.

Poliakov sees his projects at the intersection of photography and design. He’s also into photobooks and self-publishing.

Viacheslav is a finalist of Foam Talents, Vienna Photobook Festival, Circulations, Krakow Photomonth Showoff, Fotofestival Lodz Grand Prix, Prix Levallois. His works were published in Foam Magazine, The British Journal of Photography, GUP magazine, Lensculture, The Washington Post.


Curators Mariama Attah
Date August 2022
Fleeting Photography